"California becomes the thirty-first state of the Union."  -September 9th, 1850
31 STATE is a company that celebrates the pioneer spirit that started with those seeking to go out west to strike it rich with gold, and to those that dare to be different.  31 STATE creates products that allow our customers to take what is "stock" and push the boundaries to something that is uniquely their own.
California is not just Hollywood... It's the West Coast style that has no singular look.   The West Coast style that cannot be confined to one fashion .  It's about being unique and being whatever you want it to be no matter where in the world you live.
From the Hot Rods of the 1950's, to the "Low & Slow" Low Rider culture, California has always been at the crossroads of advancing whats new.  From the Baggers with the booming systems, to the Club Style and T-Bar crowd, to the Ape Hangers and Fish Tail pipes, California sets the mode.
Here's to the Surfers, the Skate Punks, and Easy Riders that started it all. Here's to the Leather Asses and the Hooligan Racers, and here's to the New...  31 STATE celebrates you!!!
"Punk Rock changed our lives"
D. Boon  -Minutemen